Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's all happening...

Everything is coming to an end now. its getting sad. today Lori(canada), Daniel(Idaho), and Alexis(France) left for Sicily; Marlo(montana) and Jenn(canada) left for Vienna; and Chris(canada) left for home. all before 10am. Julia and I went with marlo and jenn to the airport at 6am. we got a ride with marlo's friend, kurt. it was weird saying good bye to them. I spend most of my days in their apartment and now they're gone. and if i wasnt in marlo and jenn's apartment i was in daniel, chris, and alexis' apartment. So, now i have no where to go and no one to hang out with except julia and texas dave. i leave for london tomorrow evening with kate. we're going to meet stephanie. we come back at 4am on tuesday and i leave wednesday morning for home. i'll be traveling for more than two days but with the time changes it will be only one and a half days. I'll be back in minneapolis on the 16th. i wasnt able to get my flight changed so i wasnt able to travel any extra. its okay with me. i'm tired and i've seen alot as it is. and then i'll have more money to visit all of my new friends. I'm already planning on a trip to montana to see marlo in july. and then shes coming to minnesota a week later.
i have one more exam today then i'm done with university! its exciting. I'm working on packing up my stuff. i have a lot of stuff. i dont know where it all came from but its here and i dont know what to do with it. fortunatly we found a refugee shelter in the next town so we're donating all kinds of things to them. (they dont have a Goodwill here). Going home is going to be very weird. i know that. right now i'm just dealing with having everyone leave.
over the past week we've done a lot of stuff. i saw a temple finally. we camped on the beach again. We had an amazing dinner on a boat. we've had a pirate themed party at the residence. and we've been spending more time with the maltese guys marlo made friends with, kurt and greg and some times pejxu (say: pay-shoe, means: cat). and now everything is coming to a close. this is probably my last post from malta. see you stateside!


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