Monday, April 25, 2005


Once agian, it's been a while. There just hasnt been too much to report. The weather has turned and it's now sunny and beautiful.
Last week on friday I made Hotdish for the weekly family dinner. it seemed to go over pretty well. Sunday we went to a rabbit, cat, and bonsai show. it was very strange. they had a dog show too. and i saw the biggest rabbit i've ever seen in my whole life! I took pictures.
This past friday Katie's(Idaho) parents were here and so was Paula(italian) so we had a table of 12 for family dinner. Katie's mom made cheese cake and, I dont like cheese cake, but i liked that. A lot.
We went to Blue Grotto on Saturday. it was lovely. The boys went swimming and Jenn and I were posted to J-Watch (JellyfishWatch). We did a pretty good job watching the 2 Jellyfish (JFs) that'd we could see but we werent paying attention to the ones we couldnt see. so, at the last moment i looked over and there was a JF right infront of Greg (julia's friend who's visiting). he was able to avoid it and got out of the water as fast as he could. Then an old fisherman came over plucked a JF right out of the water and proceeded to tell us how they work and how they sting and everything. it was pretty cool. and then he took the JF and chucked it up a hill!
Sunday we were supposed to have a girls soccer tournament, but the girls who organized it decided to cancel it and not tell everyone. they went to comino and 8 of us who would have also have liked to go to Comino met at 1 for a tournament that wasnt to be. we played anyway and we had a good time.
Thats really about all that i've done lately.
I've found a house in duluth with the help of my friend anne, it's nice to have that all squared away and in two and a half weeks i'm going to london for the weekend. there's only 5 weeks left of class and then i'm done!


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