Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Almost there

I have my last exam today. I'm not too concerned about it. it will either be really easy or impossibly hard. i studied so i should do okay. Its raining really hard today. the sky is pretty threatening. if i was home i'd worry about a tornado.
This weekend was a lot of fun. The guys i hang out with turned their room into a dance club and the whole residence showed up. it was amazing! People are still talking about it.
I got two new flatmates. A dutch girl and a danish girl. they seem nice. I also met a new canadian. One guy, an american from seattle, is lost. He moved in and then he went to Valletta. his roommate, Adis, told him how to get there and what buses to take. this was monday. the guy hasnt come back yet. Adis reported him missing to the reception here and they called the cops so now the whole island is looking for him. how you get lost in a walled city is beyond me. i think he probably knows right where he is and what hes doing, but you never know. thats about all i have for now. exam is in 20 minutes.


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