Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year!

New Years eve was pretty fun. a little bit scary, but fun. the city had a huge celebration with a dj on a stage. we found ourselves in a sea of people! more people than ive ever found myself in before. whats more is in the streets they lit off palettes of firecrackers and fireworks. so, right after we hit midnight ann and i made our way back to the hostel to watch the celebrations from 4 storeys above the street. it was quite fun. we ate candy and oranges and watched all the people. The 1st, everything was closed so we walked all over the city to find a pancake house. it took all morning. then we basically stayed in bed reading.
yesterday we went to Arnhem. its a really pretty rural city and they have a national park and a muesum. you have to go through to park to hit the museum and if it hadnt been so cold i would have insisted on taking a free bicycle on a ride around the park. but as it was, it was freezing cold outside so we walked around the museum. they had a lot of very famous painters there. and renoirs the cafe.
today we did our souvineer shopping around town and we went to a market. tomorrow we're going to meet my friend Leila at the Heineken for a tour. and then we're going on a canal tour. and that will be our last day in Holland :-( then its back to the grind.


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