Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving, yesterday!
I went out and bought 2 3kg roosters. The turkeys here are ridiculously tiny... about 8lbs each and they cost more than 5 lira ($15). so, i bought roosters. i had a grand time cleaning them out, let me tell you! my roommates were all very impressed. they roasted up really well too. one was a bit dry, but you cant win them all i guess. there were about 25 people at our Thanksgiving. we had 2 boxes of Stove Top, sent by my wonderful mom. 3 pots of mashed potatoes, a dish of gramma beans, cranberries, 4 packets of gravy (also sent by mom), a bunch of steamed veggies, pumpkin, bread, apricot pie, cherry pie, apple crisp, triffle, chocolate roll, cookies, chocolates, banana bread, german pound cake, sooooo much food. we were all STUFFED at the end of the night. there was no lefse though. Almost everyone who came brought something to share so there was quite a lot of food. we all had a really great time, even if we werent at home with our families, we were with our malta family. its really nice, the sense of community we have here. everyone helps each other out, we look out for each other... i really like it.
I'm getting really excited for christmas now too. we've decided to go to Denmark first, then Holland, then Belgium and then back to Holland to meet with our friends. There will be a lot of people from the residence in Holland for New Years so we hope to all meet up and hang out... and maybe buy some clogs! yay wooden shoes!


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