Friday, November 12, 2004


ok, i just finished a huge long post about my trip to sicily and wouldnt you know it... it didnt get posted. i have a few choice words for the internet right now, but i will keep them to myself.
i dont have time to rewrite the post so i will summarise my trip.
i went with Ann who's from UMD and we met with corey whos studying in sicily, also from UMD. we were all in ojibwe together.
we got on the ferry at 5:30 am saturday. slept most of the way. got sick on the boat. waited at the deserted port for an hour for corey. we got bored of that so we walked into town. we had giant backpacks and blonde hair and we were feeling really sick still. at the first pay phone we saw we stopped to try and call corey. ann forgot her phone card and mine didnt work. we found an ATM bought some gum and got some change. we stood outside the payphone contemplating how in the heck you use it for about 5 minutes. and who should walk up but corey himself. yay! so we sit and chat at a cafe for about 3 hours while we wait for the next bus. make it to siracusa. take a siesta. get some pizza. hang out with other americans. go to bed.
wake up. go to a greek theatre and dionysus' ear ( a giant quarry used to build the theater. the crevice is in the shape of an ear. it was used as a prision and. anything you say inside, even if you whisper, can be heard outside of the cave) we get some gelato. go to the bus station to look at the timetables for the next day... they're closed so we take a siesta. get some chinese food for dinner take a tour of Ortigia. go to bed.
wake up. go to Catania. try to get travelers cheques changed... we made 6 attempts and 6 different banks and we get 6 variations of, 'no, go to another bank' we say screw it, and i just loan ann the money she needs. we get some yummy pasteries filled with sweet ricotta chese and covered in powdered sugar. and some gelato. we wander around catania. realise we have no idea where the bus dropped us off. find a different bus station consider going to Taromina. end up wandering too far from the bus station. we didnt make the bus to taromina. take a siesta in a park. decide we've had enough of catania. go back to siracusa. do some shopping. buy some weird confectionary fruits that sicily is supposedly famous for.... they're way way too sweet. get dinner of bread cheese and wine. eat it by a fountain. go to bed early.
wake up. go to the market with corey's roommate russ. this market is 10000000 times better than anything in malta. if malta had a market like that i would never go to the grocery store ever. they had fruits and veggies that actually looked good. fresh fish and seafood, salami cheese bread clothes shoes cleaning supplies etc... we eat bread and salami for breakfast. then we go to pozzallo. its siesta so we chill out in a park for 2 hours. then we do some shopping. walk around broke try to find a gelataria that takes credit cards (none do) i bought a matching scarf and hat, we find an american who's on break from teaching english in Czech Republic, hes taking the ferry with us, we get a free shuttle to the port. we dont get sick on the boat. come home tell everyone about our adventures and go to bed.
the first version was much better and much more colorful... but this will have to do. you can call me and i'll tell you the extended version. :-) now, its is the weekend!


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