Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ok, this will be quick. I have to get to class, buuuutttt, i'm in malta AND my class is taught by an Italian. Theres no real concept of time here. its nice. I've been pretty sick all week long. i'm getting better now though. I got familiar with the pharmacy and stuff. Sunday we had an International bbq out on Golden Bay. it was really nice. we all brought food to grill and they had torches and music and someone else brought a guitar and we went swimming at 8 oclock at night and got sand all over everything. the water was so warm! we had a really great time. I did lose my watch, that kind of was a bummer. I gave it to a friend to hang on to while i went swimming and she dropped it somewhere in the sand and didnt notice. So, it is gone for ever. it had a brand new battery in it too! dang. I'll have to buy a new one i suppose. Its very disconcerting not knowing what time or day it is and which is left and which is right. I dont like it. We're going to the market on Sunday though so maybe i'll be able to get a cheap one.
The weather here is still wonderful, though i keep hearing murmerings about rain. So far its very nice. its starting to cool down a bit so, at noon its quite tolerable to go outside and walk around. you know high 70s and 80s. the great thing about Malta is there is very little humidity. so, when you're in the shade its very nice, even at noon. its the way it should be. okay now, i should probably scamper off to class now. I hope everything is going well. I'm trying to decide if i want to come home for christmas or not... its a hard decision really.


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