Monday, October 18, 2004

Last week was pretty laid back. I went to all of my classes. None of the professors ditched out or anything! We're reaching the middle of october and I'm just having my first courses. Welcome to Malta. Classes seem like they should be okay. They ask for a lot of work though. i have to write 2 page papers every other week for a few of them. and a lot of essays. fortunatly not many of them have a final exam. so, that will be nice. I think so far my favorite is Shooting the Mob. its very interesting... lots of film clips and mafia gossip. My Italian class seems like fun too. the professor is very fun.
On Friday the university hosted and International Cuisine night. I was on the US team and we made Chili Dogs. They were very popular. I tasted some food from Gozo, China, Israel, and Jordan. The Canadians made Pancakes. We were all very very full by the end of the night. and messy. Chili Dogs are not clean! The guys brought a football too. We were throwing it around and a Chinese guy came and asked me to teach him to throw it. I cant throw a football! So, i sent him over to Ann, from South Dakota.
Saturday, I started my Scuba lessons. It might take some getting used to, but i think once we get out of the pool and into the ocean it will be a lot of fun. There's a lot to learn. We were in the pool from 11am to 7pm... it was a very very long day. I scrapped off my knuckles trying on wet suits... that neoprene is vicious!
Sunday, a group of 10 of us went on a Cruise around the islands. We went around the entire island and we stopped in Comino for 3 hours. They also fed us lunch. i had my first encounter with capers... lets just say i wont be running out to buy a kilo of those things! yuck. we got transportation to and from the residence too. it was quite a good deal. the whole thing cost about US$27. I also sampled some Prawn Cocktail flavored chips... basically they tasted like cocktail sauce. i dont think they'd go over too well in the US. They werent bad though. We left the Residence at 8am and got home about 6pm. it was all day in the sun and surf. i got a ton of great pictures. I'm going to burn my pictures onto a CD and then i will post some of them on the web for you all to see. I know how to do it i'm just a bit lazy. Soon though, i will post pictures.
Today I have more Scuba and again on Thursday. Thats pretty much all i have for now. feel free to write or email when ever you want.


At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jess! all this going to the pool / beach every day is making me jealous! but it sounds like you're having an awesome time. i got your postcard last week! thank you so much... that was very sweet of you. things are basically the same in MN... only colder. the trees are gorgeous though. we all miss you back at home! good to hear from you! keep on having a good time!



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