Wednesday, October 06, 2004

alright, a lot has happened. I finally got my university internet set up so i can post more regualarly. I've been doing quite a bit. Saturday we went to Sliema for shopping and swimming. i bought a few gifts for people and we ate a good lunch and then we looked for the beach... there was only one very large flat rock... we decided we'd had a long enough day so we went home. on sunday we went to Comino. first we stopped in valetta. they had a huge market going on so we shopped. i forgot about the market so i didnt bring enough money so i didnt buy anything. then we got on the bus to go to Comino. when we got off one of my friends yelled, "Hey Minnesota! you forgot your bag on the bus!" But, i had my purse with me... a previous passenger had left a plastic bag containing a backpack (something i'd been searching for all week) on the bus under my seat! so, i'm borrowing it. Comino was beautiful. just like in the pictures. the ferry dropped us off on a beach on cominetto so we put down our stuff and swam in the clearest blue water i've ever seen. it was very salty and we floated for ages. there were all kinds of little fish swimming around too. then for lunch we took our money and swam about 100 meters to Comino where we got really cheap and really big hamburgers and hotdogs. then we swam back to our beach and laid in the sun. it was so relaxing. the next day we had class. i found my class doesnt start til next week and then i found a whole new list of classes so i had to remake my schedule entirely. i went to class yesterday and the professor didnt show up... so, i wasnt too shocked when i came to class today and found that it doesnt start til next week. thats been the happenings of the past week. the weather is very hot 80s and 90s mostly.... no rain. beautiful. i wish i was by the pool right now actually.


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