Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I made it here just fine thanks. after a bit of a screen name login fiasco i can finally post to my journal. yay.
I came in on thrusday and i took the taxi to my residence. I'm living in a townhouse type thing with 6 or so french girls a german and an italian and there's still one bedroom open. i have my own bedroom thank goodness. theres no living room so we have to sit outside by the pool. i dont know what we'll do when it rains but for now it's quite nice. i've been swimming everyday and i bet when i come home my hair will be green with chlorine. i went to Golden Bay with some germans and austrians over the weekend. it was SO nice. its one of the few sand beaches on the island. the waves were really big and i had a lot of fun jumping in them and splashing around. I've been out to Valletta yesterday with some italians. it was nice but there was a lot of walking. and we got lost. but it was fun. today we started orientation at school. it's very very confusing. hopefully it will all work out in the end though. the weather has been weird. kind of cool. maybe 70s? i dont know. and it's rained the past few days but only for a little bit and then the sun comes out. i'm pretty sunburned right now. there are cats EVERYWHERE. there are probably as many cats as people on this island. even in the residence. i went to paceville (pa-che-ville) the other night with my french roommates. it was a lot of fun. i've met people from england scotland germany italy france ireland and there are about a million bulgarians here. of the 150 residents 50 are bulgarian. no joke. there are also a lot of americans too. and canadians. thursday we might go to comino or gozo. and thursday and friday the student association is hosting a party for the international kids. the internet is very expensive here at the residence so i will have to cut this short. i will get free internet for 8 hours/week once i'm registered at the university.


At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jess! sounds like you're having so much fun! it was good talking to you online for a bit the other day. i love that there's like a gazillion bulgarians there... that's super funny. anyway, hope you're having just an awesome time! looking forward to reading more! have a fabulous weekend!

-britta :)


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