Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Okay, i had a pretty good weekend. Friday we went shopping and i bought a shirt and a dress. people here dress up a lot more than we do at home, so i feel kind of underdressed everywhere i go. Then on friday night we went to a party hosted by the university. it was very fun. there was a dj and dancing and we met a bunch of new people. then on saturday we relaxed by our pool all day long. and then in the evening we walked to the local pub and watched the Slovania/Italy soccer match. it was pretty intense. the italians were the favorites but in the end the game was 1-0 slovania... so, it was a quiet night. i think if the italians had won my neighbors would have been up to the wee hours of the night celebrating. but, no one here is from slovania so we all got to go right to bed after the game. sunday we were going to go to the blue grotto, but ended up in Marsaxlokk, at the fish market. it was huge. so much fish! but i didnt buy any because i thought we were going to the grotto. well, our group got separated so i was with Emiliano (from san diego), Pavel (from Bulgaria), and Layla (from Australia) we shopped a bit and then Pavel wanted to go to the beach. i wasnt prepared for the beach and it was a 20 minute walk away so Emiliano didnt want to go either. so all four of us went to Valetta for some soda and then back home. where we laid by the pool all day long. that was about it. for the weekend. kind of disappointing. next saturday i start my scuba lessons. i'm very excited.
this morning i went down to the local supermarket (i've seen bathrooms bigger than it) and bought some milk and bread and water and juice and when i went to pay i realized i'd left my money in my other pants! so, i asked the man if i could leave my stuff and go back to get my money. he said, i could take my things and just come back when i could. it was so nice... i dont know of many shops in the US that would allow you to do that. I came straight back with the money, but there was so much trust there it was amazing. thats how people are here though. once you get past their tone of voice they're very nice. it sounds like they are always yelling at you even though, they're not. I miss home a lot but i'm doing fine here. I hope you all are well.


At 10:39 PM, Blogger dgakma said...

Shopping, parties, beach, ....Dad wants to know about school? :-) We miss you too..


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