Monday, November 01, 2004

This weeks been okay... i'm still sick. yay. nothing better than being sick! I think it might have something to do with going from really really hot to really really freezing about 6 times a day. they have pretty decent AC here so a lot of people are getting sick from the rapid climate changes. I finished my paper work for scuba diving but i cant get my certificate until i get better. and its going to start to rain soon. this weekend Ann and I are going to Sicily. it should be a lot of fun. I've also decided to go to Denmark, Holland and Belgium for Christmas. I'm looking into air fare right now.
Yesterday was Halloween. they dont really do halloween here. But, we dressed up anyway. We had a group costume. Cinderella was our theme... I got to be Cinderella. My fairygod mother wore plastic grocery bags for a skirt my evil step sisters wore curtains for dresses prince charming wore a tin foil tie and our coachman was straight out of a John Wayne movie. My glass slippers were actually dress shoes covered in Seran wrap. it was really quite fun. Before all of the festivities we went on a hike organized by the Residence. It was really cool. We went about 12 Km. we stopped at the fish market it was really neat. the fish were VERY fresh... still flipping around some of them. I bought a bracelet and some hairclips. We went around to some of the sandstone beaches and i got some really cool pictures. then we went to St. Peter's Pool. there's a cliff there that you can jump off of into the water. it was FUN. wow. it was fun. I probably shouldnt be jumping off cliffs and stuff with this cold... but i dont know that i'll ever get back there so i had to do it. and then i had to have ann take a picture of it and when she did someone walked in front of the camera so i had to go again and that time she wasnt fast enough so i had to do it AGAIN and then she finally got the shot. i'll post it soon. after swimming we hiked some more... came across some squatters illegally trapping birds that walked some more and then walked some more and for a change of pace we walked some more. we all saw the country side that we probably wouldnt have seen on our own. totally worth it. and there you go... thats what i've been doing.
There was a Halloween party on thursday too. I dressed up as jessica on a night out on the town... not very creative that night. we had a lumberjack, a pirate, a dead guy, a surfer, and a skiier. lots of fun. I posted some pictures on saturday so you can all look at those now. i put up somewhere around 90. You can see my flat, the island, the pool, all kinds of stuff.


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