Friday, November 19, 2004


Its been an alright week so far. I had a nice time last weekend. we went out to a maltese restaurant for dinner and we had a wonderful time. Saturday we celebrated Canada Lori's Birthday. we went to a coffee shop and had some of the best hot cocoa i've ever had. it was super thick and they had about 2 dozen flavors. i got the dark chocoalte flavor. it was like hot pudding in a mug it was so thick and rich. Saturday night was the Miss Malta contest. Most of the residence went to see it. the judges were all people i knew from the residence. the contest was all in maltese so it got kind of boring. the girls tripped alot because there was something wrong with the stage. the audience laughed histerically everytime. one girl broke her shoe as she stepped on stage. it was kind of amusing... but i felt bad for her. they had an evening gown contest and a swimsuit contest. the swimsuits were hideous. they looked like they should have been tablecloths or something. the contest was really really long though. we were tired by the end of it all.
Wednesday I was in a basketball tournament. I hate basketball. It was put on by the university and the residence had 3 teams in it. i was on the last team formed and so we were called The Leftovers. we played 3 games. we won the 1st and lost the other 2. A team from the residence won the championship though. so we were happy with that. One of the teams they beat had a player from the Malta National team on it too.
yesterday i had my first open water dive for my PADI certification. (scuba) i saw a jellyfish and a starfish and a million little fish swimming around in schools. and i some scary looking fish (small but pointy) and i cut up my hands on the rocks. and i hurt my ear. i couldnt get my head equalized so there was a lot of pressure (think airplane) but it was really bad and it hurt alot. so i could only go on one dive instead of 2. last night it ached but today it feels much better, it just feels like theres still some water in there. hopefully it will get better by monday because i'm going diving again. Last night i went to an italian movie. it was very good and the italian teacher knows my name!! she said hi to me.
Tonight we're going to celebrate 2 birthdays. an Italian guy, Rafaele, he wants to go to Pizza Hut; and a Slovakian girl, Zdenka, she wants to get dressed up and go dancing. So, we're going to dress up and go to Pizza Hut and then dancing. I think it will be fun. Rafaele surprised everyone when he said he wanted to go to Pizza Hut for his birthday. Apparently, fast food isnt appropriate birthday fare. but i like KFC for my birthday. :-) It will be the 1st american restaurant i've been to since i left.
Saturday we're going out to celebrate Daniel's (idaho) birthday too. and sunday we will rest. i hope.
They've been remodeling the flat next to mine and they use a lot of saws and jackhammers at 7am. it sounds like they're in my kitchen. but we've been complaining to the manager and so now they use saws and jackhammers in the flat one down from us. so its a bit more tolerable. i got a heater for my room too. its very cold in the mornings and its easier to get out of bed in a warm room. I need to buy a rug though. the floor is deathly cold all the time. i've been using a towel but it seems a bit dangerous... it slides around a lot. I miss having speakers too. i dont like having to wear headphones whenever i want to listen to music. its hard to lay down and its impossible to differentiate a knock on the door or a flatmate clomping around in high heels. alright. enough for now. thursday is thanksgiving!!!


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