Tuesday, November 23, 2004

This weekend went as expected. Friday night we went out to Pizza Hut for Rafaele's (italy) birthday. Most of us were quite shocked an Italian would choose to go to Pizza Hut for a birthday dinner... but really, i didnt complain. I miss the thick greasy crust. pizza and pepsi brings back good memories too. sitting on the pizza blanket watching the Simpsons. Then I went dancing with Zdenka(Slovakia) Ann (S. Dakota) and David (Texas). It was Zdenka's birthday too. We had a lot of fun.
Saturday was pretty mellow until the evening came. It was Daniel's (idaho) birthday. and we planned a surprise party for him. My job was to keep him away from his apartment. I had a lot of help though so it wasnt too bad. Emiliano (California), Phil (germany), Bret (canada), Pavel (bulgaria), Zdenka and I took him to my place to watch a movie. unfortunatly the movie didnt work. sooo that made things a bit tricky, but we were sucessful. He was pretty surprised when we brought him back to his apartment full of his friends and cake and balloons and candles. It was a lot of fun and everyone was very happy.
Sunday my french roommates made me some crepes and french toast. they were a bit disappointed that we have french toast at home. it was good though. We hung out together for a while and had fun talking and listening to french and american rap. i told them what the american rappers were saying and they told me what the french rappers were saying. Then i watched some TV. the first TV i've watched in a long long time. we watched the discovery channel and then some CSI. The episode with the dead clown.
they've been watching America's Top Model here. I watched the exact same show back home last spring. they havent seen it yet. its kind of funny how media travels. and why europeans would be interested in America's top model is beyond me.
We're having a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. I'm in charge of it all. I told Lori (New York) that i was hoping to have it outside of the cafe at the residence and she told me, 'if you have it there then anyone can come and eat.'
'yeah, so.'
'well, you have to plan for that.'
'yeah, i know. but its thanksgiving.'
'well, there might be a lot of people. and they'll just eat the food.'
'uuuhhh, yeah. It's Thanksgiving.'
she wont be here but i think she'd prefer it to be a closed party with only a few people invited. which true, you might be more full when you leave... but its not the spirit of the holiday. thanksgiving is about sharing and being with your friends. who am i to deny someone who wants some food and company? especially on thanksgiving.
Yesterday I met a Norwiegian guy. When i told him i was from Minnesota he mentioned a lot of Minnesotans having Scandinaivan ancestors. and i said, 'yeah, like me!' He was pretty impressed i knew how to make lefse too. i thought that was pretty cool.
Thats about all i have to say for now. no new pictures because i havent taken any. Dec 4th we're going to Gozo. so i should have some then.


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