Tuesday, December 28, 2004

any bozo with a phone cord and a computer can set up an internet café

in belgium the keyboards suck... Or rather, they are very difficult to navigate. my first impression of belgium is... "lets get out of here". the weather sucks. today it was rainy and cold and we couldnt figure out any of our maps. the room at our hostel smelled really bad and so we walked in the rain for several hours until finally just as we were about to give in and call it a day we found a shopping mall yay. so we went and for the first time on the trip we seriously splurged. so i might be eating out at the grocery store for the next few days... at least i will be warm in my new sweater and my new watch will tell me what time it is and i can look stylish in my new vest. nothing was expensive... its just, i havent bought that many nonfood items in one day since i left the states. and now faithful readers i will leave you before i pee my pants.... I do miss free toilets


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