Monday, December 06, 2004

Happy St. Nick's!

So, its some kind of holiday here. St. Nicks... where the kids get candy in their shoes. Soooo, Ann and Zdenka and I are going to Burger King. I've forgotten what BK tastes like, so i'm excited. Also, Wednesday is some national Holiday here and everything is closed. Its going to be a fun week i think.
My eye was bothering me most of the week so i didnt really do much. it was better by friday though.
Friday night was very exciting for me. I stayed home and washed my clothes and cleaned my room. I wash my clothes in the sink so that took most of the night.
Saturday the residence organised a trip to Gozo for us. It was so beautiful there. I loved it! It was quite and laid back and relaxed and GREEN. soooo green! like ireland. I took some pictures and hopefully i'll get them up on the web for you soon. it was beautiful. and we could walk along the street and not worry about being taken out by a speeding car. it was what i was hoping Malta would be like. Malta is much more crowded and pushy it seems. The trip included the ferry and lunch and a bus tour. i like bus tours. Then once we got back Ann and Zdneka and I went to a movie. we saw The Incredibles. The theatre was very nice. nicer than any theatre i've been to at home. Zdenka thought it was like being in a spaceship and it kind of was. all the chairs were like capitans seats and we had so much leg room! there were hundreds of seats too. the AC was up too high, like usual. but i brought my scarf so i was okay. We also found some Mint Chocolate gelato at the food court next door.
Sunday I cleaned some more and had Mac and Cheese with Ann. (thanks mom) and then we watched Silence of the Lambs with Juan, Phil and Zdenka. Phil rolled his ankel earlier in the day and was on crutches. he came by earlier in the evening asking if i had any ziploc bags for ice. I did, of course. its funny, they have ziplocs here but no one uses them. the only people who seem to appreciate them are americans. I'm glad i brought some from home though because they cost a small fortune here.
Today i bought some books for 99cents ($3). just cheap $6 paperbacks that you get at wallmart. they usually sell for around 4 lira ($12) each, so i snapped up 3 right away. I hope they're good.
This weekend some of my friends are going to Egypt. and people start going home this week too. Lori is going home to cananda on wednesday... i told her to bring me back some snow.
They have been doing construction on the flat next to ours for a few weeks now and it's starting to really get to the french girls. the one girl says when she speaks in her room she cant be heard its so loud. so we went to the manager to complain. its getting quite annoying. they work monday through saturday and its all hammering and chiseling and you cant relax until sunday. so, we went to the manager to see if we could get a discount or something since we pay waaay too much for our rooms to not be able to use them. and he said there was nothing he could do and on thursday we can change rooms if there are any availible. then, claudia, the german girl a few flats down came to complain about work going on outside her room and she thought free laundry tokens would make her happy. so now we get free laundry. i dont know for how long though. its very interesting. i dont want to move really. i like my location. i just cant stand the noise. they start at 8 everyday. except saturday they start earlier because the manager isnt around. and they play britney spears all day long. its so strange. hopefully it will be done soon. the manager said they will be done by january. i doubt that, but we'll see. thats all i have for now.


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