Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hello from Holland!
Its very beautiful here. The Canals are just great. The bus ride from Copenhagen was the longest 13 hours of my life! we had a baby crying the WHOLE way. and for the most part the bus was full to capacity so we couldnt really stretch out or get any good napping in. So far we have seen the Anne Frank Huis (kind of a downer) and the Van Gogh Museum and we've walked all over this city. Christmas was a bit strange... kind of hard. I was in a hostel with 4 Mexican guys and 2 girls and 2 mystery guys who leave around noon and dont come back til 2am... (i found out today they're british). They All left today though so now its just me and Ann. On Christmas morning we ate pancakes with ice cream... i had chocolate syrup and ann got strawberries. Everything was closed yesterday and a lot of people dont have work today... so there are a lot of people out and about. the weather is very nice. it rained a bit yesterday but today it has been quite sunny and nice. Tomorrow we are going to Belgium. I'm pretty excited about that. I cant wait for the waffles! I'm not very excited to return to malta though... the people around here are so nice. they dont try to kill you with their cars and they dont walk into you on the sidewalk. the food is much better here too. oh well... the cold weather is getting a bit tiring and i do miss the sunshine. I dont really have much else to report. its been kind of slow because of christmas and all... hope you all had a merry christmas. enjoy your new year!


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