Tuesday, December 21, 2004

alright. i'm still in copenhagen. tomorrow is our last day. we're having a lot of fun too. it was a 13 hour bus ride from holland. We've seen the Strøget (shopping street) Christianina (hippy town) and the old Stock Exchange Building, and the Carlsburg Brewery. We met a bunch of new people too. we met a guy from Walker MN, he knows some of Anns friends and a girl i worked with over the summer. that was pretty weird. He had a swedish friend with him who had done an exchange in Walker. and then last night we met 3 canadians, an egyptian, a norwegian, and a dane. they're all pretty cool too. and we met some girls we'd recognised from UMD! its so strange all of the people you meet while you're abroad... i'm just waiting to run into some old high school friend. Tomorrow is free museum day, so thats what we'll do tomorrow. then on Thursday we head back to Holland for Christmas. It's a little snowy here and pretty cold. not as cold as at home... but cold enough to be uncomfortable. i'm glad i brought my hat and scarf and mittens. Thats about all i have for right now. Happy Holidays.


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The brewery?


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