Friday, December 31, 2004

Aaaaaanndd... we're back

In Holland... again. its really really nice being so familiar with the city. we know where the grocery store is and where our hostel was and what we have left to do. its great. after 2 days in Brussels we went to Brugge. it was the most beautiful city ever. its really old and there are canals and swans and old churches and the palace is magnificent. we had a really nice time there exploring. for dinner i broke the no pasta rule. :-( i ate a deli pasta salad from the grocery store and a can of fruit cocktail for dinner. we had a GREAT breakfast, saw the tombs of Mary of Burgundy and Charles (look it up) and a Michelangelo sculpture (madonna and child) and a bunch of empty sarcophogi in a church. then back on the train.
today were going to explore more of the city and probably tomorrow too. except tomorrow everything is going to be closed because its new years day. thats probably okay for me though. there is a bar/lounge on the first floor of our hostel and i think we'll ring in the New Year there. we bought chips and salsa and some candy to celebrate. and oranges. i finally caved and bought a big bag of navel oranges. it seemed cheaper and more practical than buying a single orange everyday. We're hoping to take a canal tour and see some of the other towns around here. theres and old town with a traditional working clog factory. and there are some museums in Den Haag that Ann wants to see. and we're going to meet some friends from Malta the day before we go back. the trip is starting to wind down. I'm still having a lot of fun. though my shoes are waaay stinkier than they were before i left and my socks have gone from white to black.


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