Friday, January 28, 2005

More Malta

Its finals week here at Malta University. I have 3 exams and 1 paper. Finals take 2 weeks, so its almost like a mini vacation. yesterday i took myself shopping. I was going to go to the catacombs but i didnt make it past valletta... something about the SALE signs drew me in like a moth to a lamp. I didnt buy much though. it was such a nice day i almost regret not going to the catacombs, but then again i'd have been underground. i was craving some Red Baron frozen pepperoni pizza the other day. so i went and bought like the only unadultered pepperoni pizza i could find (most of the pizzas here are margarhita or shrimp or salmon or ham... aparently the sterotypical american REALLY likes ham.) I found it, bought it, cooked it up. sank my teeth into it and after 2 bites i realised, this pizza doesnt have any sauce! no sauce at all. just grease. that was disappointing. it was good pizza, but not what i'd anticipated. oh well. i also discovered that the Texas Barbeque flavor pringles taste exactly like B-B-Q flavored pringles back home! this was a surprise because so far i have noted differences in the taste of powdered fake cheese and lemon skittles when compared to like items back home. and they dont have grape skittles here. they have black currant. but dont worry parents, i'm not spending all my money on pringles and skittles. i eat good food too. like last night i had fish sticks! :-) and thats all from Malta. stay classy San Diego.


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