Thursday, January 20, 2005

This is Malta

The other day I was walking home from school (yes I walk sometimes) and a little car drove by with a dog in the driver's seat. I thought about this for a few minutes before I realised, the dog was actually in the passenger's seat and I'm still not used to people driving on the otherside of the road. I may never get used it it in fact.
Last night was probably one of the most entertaining nights ever. I now have an idea of what life was like before TV and radio. It was my last day of classes and when i came home i was incredibly bored. Around dinner time i went to my friends' flat, flat 123, and Brett was cooking himself some dinner. he was boiling sausages and an egg in a pot. Emiliano, Brett, and I stood around that boiling pot of water watching it, and watching it, and watching it. Eventually some of the impurities began to form on the surface of the water and it began to foam slightly. Some areas of the pot boiled more rapidly than others. We also noticed the egg stayed in the same place while the sausages rolled around lazily occasionally breaking the surface of the water. then we came up with the genius idea to float a boat in the pot of rapidly boiling water. Emiliano searched around the kitchen for something that wouldnt melt and we found a little plastic man from a KinderEgg. plopped him in there and watched him loll around in the bubbles. Finally hunger overcame brett and he turned off the water to eat his dinner. This is what we do. the other night we sat around the table and watched someone bounce a basketball for several minutes. any type of movement or activity draws us in like moths to a light bulb. We also play a lot of cards. I've learned poker, texas hold 'em, black jack, kings corner, crazy eights, and hearts in the past 4 months. I still can't shuffle though. I've read 3 books in 2 months. Our only connection to modern media is through David's computer and his extensive library of pirated DVDs. we've watched nearly all of his movies and so now we must either re-watch them, or start renting movies. And, we can get more MTV than one person should ever need to view by going to watch the TV in the lobby. I dont know what i'll do when i go back home. i think it might be sensory overload. i'll be able to watch a zillion channels, movies, go on the computer, listen to the radio or CDs on the stereo, stores will be open all the time, fast food is just down the street! if i can be happily entertained here without all that stuff how was i ever bored at home?


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