Wednesday, April 06, 2005

And now for something completely different

Venice was a blast. I was really happy to see mom and dad and jake finally. They brought me all kinds of yummy food and things too. It didnt start off quite right though. I landed in Venice on saturday and they didnt have my bag. I didnt have an address or a phone number for where we were staying so they couldnt really help me beyond having me leave a discription and giving me a number to call. then, mom and dad's flight got delayed and they missed their connection and so i got to sit around in the expansive Venice airport for 6 hours. it was fun, really. fortunatly i didnt have a bag to lug around so i could go for a walk and watch the boats come in. and i had my cd player and a book. so i wasnt really that bad off. just a little uncomfortable. but, they finally got there and after a round of hugs everything was pretty much excatly like it was before i left, except we were in venice. we stayed in an apartment which was pretty nice, but it would have been better if we'd had a phone so the luggage people could call us and tell us when they were coming with my bag. I had to wait til tuesday to see my bag! We walked all over Venice and saw the Rialto and St. Marco's and the gondolas (didnt get to ride in any though) we bought some squid for dinner at the fish market one day too. that was fun. we also had fun experimenting with the various restaurants. we went to murano and i bought a glass ring (broke it the first day back in malta though... and i didnt get cut) we also went to Verona and saw Juliette's house that was coated in a thick layer of ABC gum. it was pretty nasty. and we saw a roman arena there too. We also got to go shopping in Venice for masks and souvineers. I got a pretty cool mask and a Beckham jersey. and we ate gelato every single day. my favorite flavor combo being chocolate and strawberry. and that was pretty much venice.
When i got back David was barbequing with this new guy, Neil. He was here for 2 weeks 1 week vacation and the 2nd week for a rugby tournament. So the 2nd week of spring break i got to hang out with a rugby team from Northern Ireland. They were really great guys and i had a lot of fun with them. We went to the beach one day and i looked over and there were about 15 guys laying on their backs in a straight line just glowing white. it was pretty hilarious. I got to see my first rugby game too. that is one rough sport. i thought hockey was violent, but it looks like child's play compared to rugby. man!
Receptionist Ray took a group from the residence on a hike on easter. it was a lot of fun and very beautiful. and we had a really nice easter dinner at lori's place too. probably one of the best easter's ever. I have updated my photo site so you can check out all the pictures.
the weather has been sucky since sunday, rainy and grey and gross. its depressing. AND we have to go back to classes. and thats malta for you.


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