Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Football (soccer) went okay. i didnt get to play in the first match or the last match but i played all the matches in between. i even got some good plays against the kuwaiti national team. my team won the championship. even though it was just for fun the guys all took it pretty seriously. which is why i didnt fuss too much when they didnt let me play... (it wasnt nearly as important for me as it was for them to win) all in all it was pretty fun. Friday night was great. I played football, we won, i came home, jumped out of my football kit (soccer clothes) and into the shower, then i hopped into a dress and high heels and we went to the masquerade ball. it was a lot of fun. it was mostly all maltese people and only like 8 people from the residence. the guys were all in tuxes and the girls all had fancy gowns on. kind of like prom... but maltese. we danced the night away and had a really really good time. then we came home and when i woke up the next day i was limping from the heels and because i'd done something weird to my knee playing football. (the knee still isnt right) saturday was kind of a waste... we slept in real late and didnt really get anything done. sat by the pool mostly. sunday i went to see Meet the Fockers with Chris and Kate and that was about all for that day too. Yesterday we went and saw Mambo Italiano in Valletta. it was funny... canadian... but funny. Tomorrow I might be going to play rugby with the maltese women's national team... i guess. i dont really know anything about rugby. one of the new canadian girls plays at home and she contacted the capitan of the team and so we're gonna go practice with them. if anything it will be nice to get out and run a bit. and i might learn something new. who knows! i got some pictures sent to me by Marlo (from Montana) from earlier this year i'll see if i can copy them to webshots for you. and hopefully one of these days i'll get around to posting pictures from Carnival and some other stuff... one of these days.


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