Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'm Dead.

I got killed yesterday. it was sad... but fun. I came home from uni on the 330 bus and scottish mark was chilling in the reception with some people. I saw him notice me when i walked in and then i saw him leave the group and so i walked faster to my flat and then i saw him following me and so i walked faster and then he said, 'so jessica,' and then i screamed 'STAY AWAY FROM ME MARK!!!' and ran. and i found a girl i'd met on sunday and stood next to her. talking and chatting. and she took me to her flat for some tea and we chilled on the roof and it was nice and periodically i'd stick my head out of the door and nearly simultaneously mark would stick his head out of the door adjacent to us. i did this about 3 times. and then i had Daniel come and pick me up and walk me home. and when i got to my door i ran in slammed the door and mark followed me in and chased me up the stairs counted to 10 and yelled 'GOTCHA!' it was pretty fun. but i got him back. later that night in lori's flat i noticed mark across the way standing in the dark... alone. so i signaled to him that he was, in fact, going down and then spent the next few minutes tracking down the person that had mark (adis) just as we'd called the reception (where adis was) adis comes running down the walk way chasing mark into his flat where apparently he tripped mark with the stick he keeps carrying around and got him. so, there IS justice in war.
tonight i play 5-a-side soccer with a bunch of people from the residence. I'm pretty excited for it. especially since i have a fairly decent team. we play tonight at 10pm and tomorrow at 9pm. we got a pitch (field) with artificial turf even (most of the pitches are gravel) Tomorrow we might go to a Ball. its in a villa in Naxxar, black tie. it should be pretty cool, i'll be late though because the match goes til 11pm (allegedly). and thats my story.


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