Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Finals are over, the papers are handed in. a new set of classes are comencing. i hope it will be a good semester. The last of my 1st semester friends are leaving today. The weekend was all tearful goodbyes and promises to come visit. For the most part I didnt really appreciate all the new students standing around in the way watching everyone say goodbye like it was some kind of train wreck. But you know... theres only one tv and you have to do something Tonight we're going to eat pancakes (its a canadian thing i guess). and go to the parade in Valletta. it's the last day of carnival. we went to gozo and saw the first hour of their parade, mostly just set-up. it was pretty cool. Tomorrow we're going to the casino. Buffet for 1 lira! I'm there! the boys want to gamble but i think brett and i are just gonna eat. i hope its good. and thursday is the international student party so, hopefully i'll meet some of these new people. most of them are canadians and americans and they arent overly friendly. not like i remember being when i first got here. but maybe all 80 of them are shy. who knows. i did meet some irish and scottish kids though. they're really really white. and they're all really nice too. thats really about all. nothing terribly exciting. my house is FULL now. its annoying at dinner time. yesterday we blew a fuse. i think there are 9 or 10. i'm not sure. i know i walked into the kitchen yesterday and it was a circus. one of the dutch girls(Maryka), the danish girl(Johanna), the german girl(Steffi), and the french girl(Dounia) were eating dinner. then, the other dutch girl(Helen) came over with like 4 friends and i was trying to cook and there's no where to sit or stand that isnt in someone's way and it was really really frustrating and i got the heck out of there as fast as i could. and the canadian girls are letting one of their friends keep stuff in the fridges even though theres barely enough room for us all any way. and really, this residence is probably a prime example of how NOT to design a room. One girl who's here to finish her degree said last year she had 13 people living in her flat. so, i'm glad i only have 9 or 10. and i'm really really glad i have my own room. and, i'm welcome over in flat 123 when ever i want to sit down on deck couch. *whew*
I got my hair cut last week. i was walking home from school and thought,'i should get my haircut' so i did. its a chin length bob. its very easy. i dont even have to brush it! (dont worry mom, i do anyway) and thats all for now.


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