Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Things have gotten deadly at the Residence!
Okay, not really. We're playing a game called 'Gotcha' better known as Assassin. its very popular in the states, though i've never played it before. Everyone put their names on a list and then on sunday we were each presented with an envelope containing someone else's name and instructions. Basically, we have to find the person we were assigned and get them alone and say, 'gotcha!' then they give us the name they were given and we have to find that person and do the same. get it? the last man standing wins. the trick so far is to not go anywhere alone. One guy has taken to carrying a broom handle around the residence with him, but thats a bit extreme. So far i've 'killed' one person. it was kind of fun. but mostly i'm trying not to get killed myself. i think right now one of my neighbors has my name. but i'm not sure. they keep calling me trying to get me to come over... but i'm smart. i usually say i'm not home. or i bring a friend. when i brought a friend they told me to come back later... so i'm on to them. fortunatly they dont know me that well and they seem shy. so all i can do is wait until someone kills my neighbor and gets my name. That is our activity for the moment.
this weekend it seemed like summer was back, but now its cold and grey and rainy. kind of a bummer but its easier to be in class when the sky is dark.
I'm getting really excited for Venice. It will be nice to get off of this island. even if it is to go to a different island. thats about all i have to say for today.


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