Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Somethings never change

it all started on a gorgeous afternoon, yesterday (tuesday). Marlo came over and wanted to go to Valletta. I said I'd love to go, but can we stop at the Embassy so I can get a signature noterized... she said that would be delightful. so we went to the embassy where a maltese lady with a gun and a huge eye booger told us to come back tomorrow between the hours of 8am and 11am. We read the plaque next to the entrace informing us of operating hours (monday, wednesday, friday 8-11am). So, i woke up early today so i could catch the bus to valletta and get my signature noterized. i go up to the first metal detector and, he searches me and lets me in. i go up the elevator to the room containing the embassy. I talk to another gaurd and go through another metal detector (incase i'd picked up an uzi on the elevator i guess) then i get buzzed through a door and am faced with 2 service windows and a door. I am an American so i'm directed via sign to go through the door. i enter a small box with a window. however the window is partitioned off so that the one person working cannot see me. i stand in the box for a while reading the national geographic i found in there, waiting. then i go out of the box to see if some one can help me. i'm told to go back in the box. so i do... but then i lose patience and i go out of the box again and stand in line with the non-americans. finally then i get some service. but not what i need. they tell me a notary is 10 lira (30 dollars) and additional paperwork. I have none of the above so, i leave defeated. I will say this though, the woman behind the window was very nice and she tried to do what she could to help me out, but the powers that be had other plans in mind for me.


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