Wednesday, May 25, 2005


The semester is wrapping up. We've been trying to find the perfect balance between study and fun. I think fun is winning out. I finished that huge paper and on the same day was assigned another paper. But, so far i have 2 papers done and a presentation (well in an hour the presentation will be done) So, i have 3 papers, 2 reaction papers, and 4 exams left. *whew* exams start next week and i have them through the 9th of june. they told us we'd be done june 4th...
Marlo made some maltese friends and so, vicariously, so have I. since she invites me everywhere they go. Which means i've been riding in cars! *yes* Last night we were going like 45 mph and i thought that was quite fast. Since i've last posted I've seen Star Wars, been to the beach a couple times, and i've done some shopping. quite a lot of shopping actually. Nothing horribly exciting or memorable. The weather here is beautiful. We all have really reall nice tans. I think i'm darker than i was at the end of the summer last year. and my hair has bleached out a lot.
We're trying to come up with plans for the summer. On the 10th I'm going to London to see my friend Stephanie (from high school) and I'll stay til the 13th. Then, i could go to Egypt with Kate (from Ohio) we found a Nile Cruise. Or i could do some traveling with Marlo. I hope to have it figured out by the end of the week. which is coming up quite fast.
I'm nervous about going home. I dont know what to expect. I've gotten so used to everything here. its hard to believe that in a few weeks i'll be able to go to Target and buy EVERYTHING i need in one stop and i'll be able to drive there in my car at any time of day. no more Malta buses. I'm excited for Wendy's, DQ, and Chipotle and crappy daytime TV. I think coming home is going to be really really weird.


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