Thursday, April 28, 2005


Alright, I will admit, maybe i skipped one class on tuesday to go to the beach. We went to Paradise Bay. It was so fun, i dont regret it for a second. We found clay! once we started afixing things to each other's backs the other people on the beach began to leave. Greg, Julia and Marlo all had fins on their backs and some how i got an... ashtray? and a parrot. After the beach we came home and had hamburgers on the grill. this time they were homemade burgers with real ground beef! and maybeYesterday (wednesday) I went to Comino. But only because class was canceled. And we had a really really great time. I got to barter with the boatman and we got to go swimming in the freezing cold blue lagoon and lay in the sun all day. then we came home and played capture the flag which was pretty fun even though only 8 of us played. it was boys against girls. boys won, but i was pretty close to catching the one with our flag. if he hadnt jumped over that wall... oh well. we got dirty and painted our faces and wore our sunglasses at night (for super stealth) and today i've posted pictures from the Rabbit, Cat, and Bonsai Show as well as our trips to Blue Grotto, Paradise Bay, and Comino.


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