Monday, May 02, 2005

Camping and Hiking

This weekend was pretty good all considered. We went to Gozo to camp on the beach on friday night. there were 11 of us. We made a fire on the beach which burned down pretty quickly. there wasnt a whole lot of wood laying around and no one thought to bring anything thing. we had a couple pieces of cardboard, a phonebook and toilet paper. that was it. but we had fire long enough to make hot dogs and smores. it got really really dark and it was SO nice. there were so many stars. it was pretty great just laying in the sand listening to the waves and looking at the stars. it was really humid and then it got really cold and we got really wet from the water in the air and when we woke up everything had beads of water on it. I dont think anyone slept very well, at 3 am we were woken up by possibly the biggest man i've seen carrying the biggest gun i've ever seen. he was going to shoot some of the smallest birds i've ever seen. they shoot sparrows with shotguns here. once the sun came back it got hot right away. walking to town from the beach was pretty cool too. Gozo is alot more rural than malta and there were bird hunters out starting fires in the bushes and hiding in their stands, kind of like walking through a war zone. there were farm fields everywhere and they were all really small fields and it was really really cool. it was beautiful. Then, saturday night we sat on the roof and watched the fireworks in Valletta. They were celebrating the one year anniversary of being accepted in to the EU and it was a tourism thing kicking off fireworks season. Sunday we went on a hike with Receptionist Ray and he got us lost and we had to climb up some pretty steep cliffs and then climb down them. unfortunatly i ran out of space on my memory card so i can't show you what we were climbing... hopefully someone else has pictures. we walked past a nude beach from waaaaay up on a cliff. everyone was pretty amused by it. then we did a little bit of swimming and then later that night we watched south park and Chris Dan and Brett left for Egypt. I hope they come back. everyone was pretty nervous considering the shootings and bombings that happened this weekend. i think they should be fine though. Inbetween all of these exciting things i've been working on a paper. i started the actual writing of it today and i got 1600 words down in just over an hour and a half. good words too. so, i'm pretty confident about it. he wants 5000 words, but i dont think thats going to happen. close, but not quite. thats like 18 pages, thats like a dissertation, and its only worth one credit back home. so there you go. thats been my life for the past few days.


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